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The Corporation is also a member of the Pest Exterminators Association of the Philippines (PEAP) and is registered with the Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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Doing Your Own Pest ControlBe More Difficult

Before diving into our step-by-step guide for performing your “DO YOUR OWN PEST CONTROL FOR HOMES”, we encourage you to take a moment to consider whether performing your own pest management is truly a good idea. We at Pestsolutions Inc. Everything believe that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, and pest management frequently falls into that category for us. The reality is that not everyone is adequately equipped or prepared to carry out termite treatment cost in a safe, effective, and environmentally conscious manner.


  • Are you treating in order to eliminate an existing pest problem, or as a means of preventative pest management?
  • What is the long-term objective with your pest management treatment?
  • Do you have, or are you willing to invest in various pest management application equipment?
  • Do you have, or are you willing to get the minimum essential pest management safety equipment?
  • Have you corrected any potential contributing factors?

About UsFrom Vision to Reality

In the Philippines typically consists of general preventive pest control services such as fly, mosquito, cockroach, bedbugs, flea or ant treatment. If the property has a rat infestation, rodent or rat control may be required, particularly for food businesses. This guide for Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services will help you find the right pest control philippines for you and learn what type of service you require to control pest if you have just started a business or if you are looking for a commercial pest control for your business.

Control and Exterminationof Insects

Termite Treatment CostHow Much?

So, we’re the primary factors pest management companies consider when determining service rates? Pestsolutions Inc., for example, ensures that the best rates are guaranteed to solve the infestation; this does not have to be the cheapest rate, but it must completely manage the infestation. And to do so, you must provide the following information:


  • Pest Issue – You must be able to identify the type of pest that is causing damage to your property. For example, you might think the pest is termites, but it’s wood borer beetles or bukbok. Though the damage to the wood may appear to be similar at times, the cost of treating these two pests is not.
  • Level of infestation and Property size – The lot size, floor size, and infestation size are all helpful in determining the treatments and workforce for each session. The larger the property, the more solutions, and technicians are needed to complete the job on time.
  • Property Location – Though this is a minor factor in pricing, the distance between your property and the company’s office or headquarters informs the pest control provider of the exact operational and logistical requirements to serve you.
  • The Extent or Severity of the Infestation – The severity of the infestation has an impact on the cost estimates and the number of treatments needed.
  • The Treatment or Pest Management Strategy – This is more on the part of the pest control company, but the type of treatment they will perform or recommend for your property has a significant impact on service pricing.

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We at Pestsolutions Inc. Everything believe that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should, and pest management frequently falls into that category for us.
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