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Comprehensive Termite Control Service

What are Termites?

Termites are incredible, small insects that have mastered cooperation allowing them to achieve great things, such as building skyscrapers, hollowing huge trees, moving vast amount of soils and of course, eating OUR HOMES.

A mature queen termite can lay thousands of eggs each year. In a months time these eggs will become workers, soldiers or reproductive and are ready to join their colony in invading our homes.

Since termites are such small, stealthy insects, their presence in your home cannot be easily detected. Much to your dismay, when you finally notice their presence, substantial amount of damage has already been inflicted to your property.

Luckily, team PESTSOLUTIONS is here!



  • General survey and thorough inspection of the whole premises to determine the location of termite infestation, the source and extent of damage rendered to property.
  • Demolition and extermination of termite colonies will also be carried out, if there is any.
  • Direct soil injection alongside the house/building wall in order to control present and prevent future termite infestation (CHEMICAL BARRIER TREATMENT).
  • Spraying of termiticide solution particularly on baseboards, doorjambs, cabinets, ceilings and other wooden fixtures (WOOD-DRENCHING TREATMENT).
  • Dusting of termite powder will also be carried out in all areas where spraying is not applicable. Specially, in the electrical outlets often used by termites as passageways. (TROPHALAXIS METHOD)

PRE-CONSTRUCTION Termite Treatment (Termite Proofing)

  • General survey and thorough inspection of the whole premises to determine the location of termite colony.(If there is any)
  • Spraying of termiticide solution with the use of a pressurized sprayer on the initial excavation of foundation wall and post footings.
  • After posts and walls are placed, back fills from the excavation will then be treated with termiticide solution.
  • As soon as the soil inside the proposed house has been leveled, compacted and ready for floor concreting, termiticide solution will be applied uniformly as an overall treatment covering the entire floor area including the conduit pipes and drainage pipes.
  • After grading has been accomplished, final application of chemical solution will be applied alongside the outer house/building walls to form a TERMITE CHEMICAL BARRIER.
  • Spraying of termiticide solution on baseboards, doorjambs, cabinets, ceilings, and other wooden fixtures to be installed in the house. (WOOD-DRENCHING TREATMENT)


  • This type of termite treatment and prevention uses baits to control or prevent termite infestation.
  • It continuously monitors for the presence of termites.
  • It requires no disruptive drilling and trenching in and around your home.
  • It eliminates the need for basic liquid chemical barrier treatment.


  • This is a type of treatment that quickly kills present termite infestation.

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